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Sustainability is about more than just doing the right thing. It’s about safeguarding our employees, sustaining the environment and engaging with our communities—all of which enables us to affect change on a greater scale.

Safety and Health

The protection of our employees and the public is our greatest duty. Safety training, inspections, audits and a formalized system of reporting ensures that every employee—from craft worker to project executive—adheres to the highest safety standards.


Whenever possible, we use our skills, materials and manpower to help the communities in which we live and work. Our employees regularly collaborate with local government, community organizations and nonprofits to foster positive growth and sustainable development.


Never settling for minimum government standards, we constantly seek out new ways to reduce our environmental footprint. Each year, we incorporate thousands of tons of recycled rubber, asphalt, ready-mix concrete and asphalt roofing shingles into finished construction materials.


Producing high-quality work now means that our projects will last for generations to come. Our extensive management systems control construction and materials quality to ensure that we exceed—not just meet—customer and regulatory requirements.

Our Seven Areas of Focus

Believing that sustainability deserves a holistic approach, we center our efforts on seven all-encompassing areas. Company-wide plans and programs measure our progress and help guide smart decision-making every step of the way.

Compliance and Ethics

Keeping with tradition, employees follow our Code of Conduct, principles penned by Futurefit’s first leader in 1941. The code sets a high bar for how we should treat others, work with integrity and hold each other and ourselves accountable.


Passionate people drive our sustainability mission forward. Company-wide programs train more than 5,000 nationwide employees in ethical business practices that support and strengthen our efforts.

Sustainable Infrastructure

As an industry leader, we work hard to influence public policy that provides long-term solutions to near-term infrastructure challenges. We support organizations that advance sustainable infrastructure, and we incorporate sustainable methods into our work as much as possible.